Featured on PlanetGreen!

I had the joy of checking my email the other day and finding a message from the Etsy Marketing Team saying that they had submitted a photo of one of my hats for a handmade slideshow on PlanetGreen, a Discovery.com website. You can check out the awesome collection of handmade goodies HERE and see not only my hat, but also my lovely husband who's head it adorns.

In birthday news: my beautiful dog Lincoln turns three tomorrow. Unfortunately for her, all that this momentous occasion merits is maybe a can of dog food and an extra long walk. Three cheers for Lincoln!
And if it's not exciting enough that my dog is having a birthday... I have a new nephew! Welcome to the world, Miles Raymond Christensen!


  1. That feature of your hats is so awesome! You are in there with some other amazing stuff, you should be proud! Great job.

  2. Hooray for dog birthdays and special features! Congratulations!

  3. that is so amazing, rachel! i hope this means the orders are rolling in and you are making "fat cash" to be put towards a luxurious chicago vacation. :)