how bizarre, how bazaar.

Come to the Meridian Middle School Holiday Craft Bazaar (or the MMSHCB, as it could be conveniently shortened to. just kidding) this weekend if you're in the Treasure Valley and needing an awesome handmade fix. I will have all of my goodies there along with other fun folks from Idaho Indie Works. Some of the other vendors you can expect to see are my awesome mom with Geneva Designs (she has rad new crayon/playing card rolls), Asia with her Sinfully Natural soaps (they are so cute!), Cara with LuLu and ChaCha (if I have a girl, I may just buy up all of her inventory) and Sean and Christina with their Great Custom Furniture (that I seriously gush over everytime I see it. It makes me wish that I were childsize so I could use it myself).

Also, I have made some killer new winter cycling caps and they will be there too! If you don't live in the Treasure Valley, you'll be able to check out my new hats once they hit my etsy... which could be in a few weeks considering the madness of craft fairs, moving apartments and going to Minnesota that I have in my very near future.

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