Turns out I don't really enjoy blogging. I started this blog thinking that it would be fun to share things that I make but I came to find out that blogging is kind of tedious to me. Good to know, right?

Plus, little Miss is keeping me quite busy - not giving me too much time to craft anything, much less share it on the information superhighway (yes, that is how Alex and I like to refer to the internet).

So, all this to say, I am retiring my blog after it's very short-lived existence. Buuut, you can friend me on Facebook: Rachel Goochey.

Thanks, all!


bits and bobs

I am about 95% finished with an amazing birthday gift that Alma and I (ok, admittedly, she did it all. i wasn't really any help) are making for my mom. I'd tell you all about it but I don't want to let the surprise out. The only hint: it is featuring one of my favorite breeds of canines. Not that that narrows it down at all... wiener dog, great dane, mastiff, scottie dog, boxer, pit bull...

This Easter dress is slowly being made for Alma. I think it will be super cute and it's my first project that involved schirring, which is basically awesome. Unfortunately I made the bodice WAY too small and need to start that part over. It's so frustrating when you think you're making real progress on a project only to be set back about five steps. Live and learn, right?

Even though we have lived in Boise for over a year I feel like it's taking me a while to make good friends. I mean, I have a lot of acquaintances but no one that I feel like I can just call up to go for coffee. Because of this, I volunteered to be the point person to organize a "new mom's" group through the birth center where I had Alma. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! Apparently they have had quite a few clients express interest in such a group so I am hoping that this will be an awesome opportunity to get like-minded ladies connected. And since my natural birth experience was so important to me, it will be really fun to meet other women who feel the same way!

I know I had something else that I wanted to tell you all but my brain has frozen. It must be the dirty-dishes-laundry-drying-all-over-the-house-projects-to-finish brain fuzz. 

And is it bad for me to admit how addicted I am to playing Mahjong Titans? It's the perfect way to pass the time while I'm nursing if I don't have a good book going at the time. I swear, it is so satisfying to hear the little tiles "click" on my computer when I find an awesome match. I'm a Mahjong Master!


sewing again

I finished five new hats this morning and that felt really good. Of course, each hat was sewn without a hitch until I got to the last step of each one when they decided to throw five different curveballs at me. Thanks, hats. I really appreciate that. Granted, it was also a morning when I apparently decided to see how many beginner's sewing errors I could make. But all that aside, and they are done! I'm hoping to get some yoga bags done next because I want to have some new items when I make my crafting world re-entry at the Boise State Earth Day event. I have some fun ideas lined up!

I think I like the red one the best!
I had a moment of insanity and thought it would be fun to share pictures of my sewing loft. I call it insane because now you can look at these pictures and see how much of a slob I really am and judge me unconditionally. At least I'm busy, right?

My cutting table which consists of a folding table that I got for $15 at the thrift store and a new huge self-healing mat that I got my my birthday.

This is where I really look messy. Oops.

My $4 thrift store vintage singer. We have a love/hate relationship.

National Geographic inspiration wall!

I call this my storage closet. Alex calls it "deep storage."

Our absurd collection of books that we insist on toting around the country with us when we move. And that is why I have huge muscles.

I have transom windows all along the back wall of the loft and the front looks over my living room where we have huge windows as well. I love the lighting.

What do you like best about your crafty space?



Big things are on the horizon for bellefourche! Since the little bug has been born my sewing has been put on hold, thus my etsy page is dead and my consignment wares are looking a bit thin. I have been needing motivation to get things back up and running and my good friend at Bricolage provided just that. They are restructuring how their store runs and are ending their consignment program, so in the meantime I decided to pull my merchandise from their stock and give myself a chance to rethink how I am running my business. So, look forward to new ideas, more merchandise, better organization and (hopefully!) more reliable blogging from me.

I make big promises here, but can I keep them?

One thing that is keeping me busy for the next few weeks is an order for 100 tote bags! No, no, don't worry - I am not endeavoring to sew 100 tote bags on my own. As a matter of fact, it's not even my order. My mom was asked to make 100 tote bags for this seasons CSA customers with Global Gardens. Being such a humongous order, she asked me to help out. And since Alma Jay is virtually an appendage of me, she got to help out.

No, this is not my kitchen. This is my mom's house. My kitchen is frightfully smaller and not so nicely coordinated.
Isn't my girl getting so big?!


Sad news

Well this has been a really crappy week for multiple reasons. You know how sometimes it just feels like things pile up unexpectedly? That has been my week, ending with getting up at 5am with a congested baby who is crying because she can't breathe through her nose. Right now she is sleeping on my lap as I type this from our rocking chair. Poor Alma.

The climax of my week, though, was having to rehome my dogs. After we had the baby home for a few weeks we just realized that two boxers, a one bedroom apartment with no yard and a new baby don't mix very well. Nevermind the fact that our littler dog, Wanda, has separation anxiety and housetraining issues. After a lot of discussions with the husband, and a lot of crying (on both of our parts), we realized that we needed to find new homes for Lincoln and Wanda. Fortunately, our good friend Matt and his brother were able to adopt Lincoln and give her tons of attention and a fenced backyard. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find a home for Wanda. We tried Craigslist, mass emails, announcing at church, word of mouth and Petfinder and no one seemed able to take her. Finally on Thursday Alex and I brought her to the humane society and it was just about the hardest thing I have ever done. I cried a lot. I really love those pups.