Big things are on the horizon for bellefourche! Since the little bug has been born my sewing has been put on hold, thus my etsy page is dead and my consignment wares are looking a bit thin. I have been needing motivation to get things back up and running and my good friend at Bricolage provided just that. They are restructuring how their store runs and are ending their consignment program, so in the meantime I decided to pull my merchandise from their stock and give myself a chance to rethink how I am running my business. So, look forward to new ideas, more merchandise, better organization and (hopefully!) more reliable blogging from me.

I make big promises here, but can I keep them?

One thing that is keeping me busy for the next few weeks is an order for 100 tote bags! No, no, don't worry - I am not endeavoring to sew 100 tote bags on my own. As a matter of fact, it's not even my order. My mom was asked to make 100 tote bags for this seasons CSA customers with Global Gardens. Being such a humongous order, she asked me to help out. And since Alma Jay is virtually an appendage of me, she got to help out.

No, this is not my kitchen. This is my mom's house. My kitchen is frightfully smaller and not so nicely coordinated.
Isn't my girl getting so big?!

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  1. Oh, Alma Jay is looking so sweet in her kanga pouch! I love your goals, and I give you complete latitude to modify them! I'll be here checking on your blog knowing that if you've not posted you're busy with your sweet girl, and that's the most important thing. Love to see that you're adapting to Motherhood so well. Sending you loads of love.