sewing again

I finished five new hats this morning and that felt really good. Of course, each hat was sewn without a hitch until I got to the last step of each one when they decided to throw five different curveballs at me. Thanks, hats. I really appreciate that. Granted, it was also a morning when I apparently decided to see how many beginner's sewing errors I could make. But all that aside, and they are done! I'm hoping to get some yoga bags done next because I want to have some new items when I make my crafting world re-entry at the Boise State Earth Day event. I have some fun ideas lined up!

I think I like the red one the best!
I had a moment of insanity and thought it would be fun to share pictures of my sewing loft. I call it insane because now you can look at these pictures and see how much of a slob I really am and judge me unconditionally. At least I'm busy, right?

My cutting table which consists of a folding table that I got for $15 at the thrift store and a new huge self-healing mat that I got my my birthday.

This is where I really look messy. Oops.

My $4 thrift store vintage singer. We have a love/hate relationship.

National Geographic inspiration wall!

I call this my storage closet. Alex calls it "deep storage."

Our absurd collection of books that we insist on toting around the country with us when we move. And that is why I have huge muscles.

I have transom windows all along the back wall of the loft and the front looks over my living room where we have huge windows as well. I love the lighting.

What do you like best about your crafty space?


  1. Your loft doesn't look that messy to me! You've got a lot going on, and that's a good thing. My sewing space is the room that Bronwyn was born in, and that makes it really special. It has great light, and a view of the garden. And best of all, it has a door, so that I can make a mess and noone else has to look at it!

  2. My sewing and crafting is in the basement office with no windows. It's cold down there right now. Hard to spend any amount of time in there. Here's hoping that our house works out and something a little better comes along. I love your loft!

  3. that's so rad! i always wondered what those stairs in your pictures led up to. such a great little space, and oh, the light :) i keep taking over our dining room. mark's desk and my sewing desk are both in there and he keeps helpfully creating shelves and suggesting ideas for me to tame it down... my thinking is that we just need to embrace the fact that that room looks like a gargantuan battle between books and fabric.

  4. I love seeing your real sewing space! It's disturbing when people have perfectly clean workspaces. I have been looking into getting a sewing machine at my thrift store, but everytime I look I freeze up I'm scared they won't work. So how did you pick out your machine?

  5. I also love the fact that I can close the door to my sewing room when I need to. It's a beautiful room, lovely aqua walls and black furniture, but when I'm actually sewing it's a total mess! One of the greatest things about my room is that there are 2 sewing machines set up in there, so there's always room for a daughter to hang out and sew with me. And room for a baby on the floor :-)