it worked!

After weeks of bed rest and prelabor and false alarms, Valentine's Day brought us a beautiful healthy baby girl!

Here's our gal - Alma Jay Goochey, 6lbs 8oz, 19in!

First trip out of the house was to the fabric store. She is destined to be a crafting baby!
Check out more info and pictures about her at our family blog, The Fox Den.


last day of bed rest!

If a month ago someone had told me that I would need to go on a week and a half of bed rest with this baby, I probably would have been so excited at the thought of laying on the couch for days on end and watching movies. But then I got wicked sick for a week and did that anyway. I spent a week finishing up all of my library books and watching my Netflix movies. Once I was feeling better I was so excited to start all of my anticipatory baby sewing - plus, my back is finally feeling better so I was super game for camping out at my sewing machine.

Not so. Baby G decided to try to come a little early and my midwives prescribed bed rest until February 3, when Baby is officially full-term. So I settled back into my nest on the couch, requested new books from the library and frantically updated my Netflix queue. I have spent the last 10 days watching every and any movie, reading random books, finding crafts that I want to sew but can't yet and beating my husband's butt during some extremely competitive games of UNO.  As of midnight tonight, though, all of that ends and I get to be a regular person again. When I walk the dogs in the morning tomorrow it will be the first time I have set foot outside of our apartment since I went to my midwife appointment on last Friday. My spouse has promised me any kind of takeout PLUS frozen yogurt for dinner tonight as a reward for being successfully inactive for a week and a half (if you know my personality at all, inactivity does not suit me well... I have a bit of high-strung, nervous energy to work off most of the time).

Unplanned for down time has given me a chance to appreciate silly things in my life that I don't normally think about, though, so here is a glimpse of some happy things from my bed rest:

1. My weird dogs, who have been excellent furry companions for days on end.
2. The pdf pattern for these super cute baby sneakers that I bought from sewingwithme and can't wait to sew.

3. My parents, who are super nutty and felt bad that I couldn't go to the McCall winter carnival last weekend so they brought the carnival to me (Lincoln was less than thrilled about this).

4. My spouse, who loves me despite my currently massive dimensions and my ability to obliterate him at UNO MOD.

5. And, of course, the Bambino. Not that I have ever not appreciated this kid, but the last 10 days have made me so excited to meet it!