The Surliest of Mermaids

This blog is an homage to my friend Emmy, of Surly Mermaid Fused Glass!

Why is Emmy so fine? you may ask, and I will reply How can I count the ways? So here is a brief list of reasons:

1. She makes amazing fused glass jewelry and sells it at incredibly afforable prices.
2. She is an excellent craft fair tent neighbor (she will even share raspberries and french fries with you!).
3. She is a generous jewelry gift giver (even gave me a necklace for my mom).
4. She runs a cool vintage/supply shop on Etsy.
5. She gave us like over $200 worth of baby gear for FREE!! Her little gal is almost two and has grown out of her Snugli and baby bathtub, etc, so Emmy thought we could use it.

So all that to say, if you ever see Surly Mermaid Fused Glass at a craft event in Boise, go and buy some sweet jewelry from her and say that bellefourche sent you!