leaves are falling!

How is it already October 3rd? I love it! We walked the dogs to the market the other day and Lincoln loved crunching through the leaves almost as much as I did. October is such a fabulous month, made even more fabulous by the fact that we are taking a trip to Portland in two weeks - right in the middle of October.

Life has been busy in Boise. I sent my first wholesale order of hats and bike gear to our friends at Blue City Cycles in Chicago. Owen and Clare started this shop about a year ago and since I have not been able to check it out yet, if you're in Chicago you should go and support their Bridgeport bike shop!

In a similar vein, as soon as Bricolage (downtown Boise, Bannock and 8th - underneath Thomas Hammer) re-opens on November 12th, you and all you love will be able to purchase bellefourche hats from their awesome little shop. Jules and Chelsea have come up with a great collection of local goods to pair with their own handcrafted items to make an excellent shopping experience.

I have come up with a fun new winter hat design but, of course, I forgot to take a picture of one of the new hats before I mailed them all to Chicago. Silly me. Fortunately, this week should see a few more hats made and if you want to head down to Idaho Indie Works on First Thursday (this week, October 7, 5-9p) you can see what's new in the bellefourche inventory.

So I realize it's kind of annoying to post pictures like this but I'm just pretty proud. Baby is still growing growing growing and you can finally kind of tell!
and you can see my new haircut, too!

yup. it's right in there.
A sad thing that has developed in my life is this: my spouse has been enjoying graphic novels and comic books lately and I feel left out. I mean, why can't I enjoy them too? Why don't I like them? I'm the girl who has read nearly every Orson Scott Card book. I love Neil Gaiman. This should be right up my alley. Oh, DC Comics, why do you make me feel so inferior?

And current favorite song: "Dance Yrself Clean" by LCD Soundsystem. I have come up with a perfect dance for it and do this dance whenever able. I have tried to teach it to the dogs but they seem to have four left paws.

Next up in the sewing scene: Top tube protectors. Cute kitchen towels. A hat for my own head (what!). More winter hats. I'm trying to be a busy bee.


  1. Rach! those pictures are exactly what i wanted you to post you look so great, im glad you are making so many good for the people the people need high quality hand made goods and someone needs to make them, also for a second i thought you where making tube top protectors maybe a device of some sort that would protect your tube top from descending down your past your boobs and i though hm what an unreached market even though i know thats not what you meant it may be a good (great) idea to make that. This post is too long but the last thing i would like to say is that dance yourself clean is a fantastic song.

  2. At first, I also thought you were making tube top protectors, and found myself imagining several concepts for this, all of them hilarious (like mini suspenders to clip to the tube top :-).
    Also, you could pass along this to Alex, "The Invention of Hugh Cabret" by Brian Selznick which is part YA novel, part graphic novel. This is straight from my sister whose literary taste never leads me astray. I must admit, I have not read it (haven't ever tried a graphic novel before) but figured if Anna thought it was great than I could confidently pass it on to you/him. Your tummy looks so cute! Mine is past cute and brings horrified stares from people as I waddle around in public, but that's week 40 for ya :-)

  3. i also thought you were making tube top protectors, and my brain filled in the blanks and suddenly i found myself imagining special straps that you attach to the top of your tube top to make it not slip down... which i guess would actually make it just a regular tank top.