An Unforgiving Shoulder

After years of wearing a messenger bag and working espresso bars I have managed to develop a pinched nerve in my left shoulder. For the most part it doesn't hurt but these last few weeks my messenger bag (and even backpacks!) have been killing my shoulder whenever I bike. Combining that with the general discomfort of being pregnant, bike commuting is getting less and less fun right now. Fortunately, my husband rocks. On a lazy night last week we biked to the coop to pick up some deli dinner and he said he would just bring his big backpack and that I should forgo a bag in order to give my shoulder a break. Well hallelujah! I forgot how fun and freeing it can be to bike without a backpack! I felt like a kid just zipping along with no plans or expectations since I didn't have anything weighing me down. Sometimes I think I get too encumbered with "getting the most" out of my bike commuting that I turn biking into drudgery and forget how fun it can be to just go for a bike ride without any real agenda.

And also: three cheers for the Boise Coop's potato samosas and sour cream chicken enchiladas!

Thanks to: Damien, for asking me to save his favorite tshirt which then gave me inspiration for my newest project - Upcycled Graphic T's! This inspiration also gave me a reason to enlist husband to come to 99cent day at Savers and became an impromptu date of interpreting old family reunion and high school band tshirts. And because the husband is so awesome, he managed to find me a wicked version of this tshirt:

Admittedly, I was way too selfish to want to use this shirt to sell. Sorry!

And the last update: due to unreasonable amounts of zucchini thrust upon us (seriously people, learn your lesson. Stop growing zucchini! It is a vicious monster that will take over your garden and turn you into strange versions of yourselves that cause you to go around forcing these little summer squash onto your unsuspecting acquaintances) I have been going through quite a bout of baking chocolate chip zucchini bread. My dear spouse has been giving me a hard time for eating most of it myself and not leaving much for him. My dog, Lincoln, must have heard his complaints. To even the score, she decided to gobble down nearly an entire loaf herself. Lucky dog - it's a good thing I love you or else you would be out on the streets!


  1. l l l love that you have a blog now, can you define upcycled graphic tees?

  2. Dearest Rachel-

    So glad to see your blog and sooooooo glad I had the chance to hang out with you guys today. Also, sooooooooooo looking forward to Adie coming along next time.

    You guys are a delight, pure and simple.

    P.S. Don't read the blogs attached to this account; they're old and I have much newer stuff.