a beginning

New blog. Fairly new town. Business back up and running. Husband starts grad school tomorrow. Lots of beginnings. Excited? Oh yes.

First venture in Boise crafting: setting up a table at Idaho Indie Works downtown for First Thursday. There were lots of lookers but not many buyers. But I met some people so that's a plus! Also, check out the new bellefourche banner that I made the morning of the event and hung over my table. I know, it's awesome!
yes that is an awesome wagon/carriage thing behind me!
Next event: Boise Weekly's Craft Bastards Block Party, August 28th! At Sixth and Broad from 10am - 10pm Boise Weekly is having bands, a Vespa giveaway, a bloody mary contest and, of course, awesome crafty booths. I know a few other vendors who will be there and it should be a lot of crazy cool stuff for sale.

First on my agenda for sewing tomorrow: dog bowties. Lincoln and Wanda need to spruce up their wardrobes and I can't think of any way that is more hilarious to do it.


  1. Love it Rachel!!! Great work. I would highly recommend the kid-size cycling cap as a super great seller. I will provide photos if you need a model to show how they fit on a real, live toddler! People love buying baby versions of grown up stuff.

  2. looks great, friend! can't wait to read all your wise meditations on crafting in the wild west.